Our Efforts and Mission


Our goal is to see sexual exploitation end through common sense, boots on the ground efforts to equip the community to fight sex trafficking. Free Outreach operates on facts and love. We know for a fact that prostitution is not something that individuals just chose to do out of want or desire. We love people, and we want these individuals not to just merely survive but to THRIVE.


We go directly into businesses where sex trafficking and commercial sex take place. Our roots started in just hotels and motels, but we go beyond that now to businesses like gas stations, liquor stores, and going out to the streets to talk with those who are being exploited and do what we can to help. We equip and educate community members how to identify and safely intervene for victims of sexual exploitation. For more information, contact us!


We go out to the streets and other businesses surrounding the hotels and motels we frequent to create even greater opportunities for intervention and to equip more community members. We are just recently stepping out into more street outreach opportunities, so if hygiene kits and sharing love with people sound like your kind of thing, contact us to get involved!


Part of our job is to educate the community about sexual exploitation, how to identify it, how to report it, and how to have best practices in addressing sexual exploitation. 


We actively seek out information on high-risk, missing people in the community, many of whom no one else is looking for. 

If you have a loved one you think may be a victim of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, please contact us. We will be there for you and assist you through the process. 

Our Impact


So far this year,  just one of our four groups around the state of Michigan has assisted  in leading to three minors being found due to our outreach efforts. We have helped many adults get the best possible placement, advocacy, and resources. 


Just in the last two years, over 100 tips have been reported to law enforcement by our groups about sex trafficking or high-risk, missing persons and juveniles in the state of Michigan.


We visit over 200 hotels and motels on a bi-weekly or monthly basis in Metro Detroit and beyond. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact us to reach out for training and to get equipped to be a Freedom Fighter. 


In addition to the over 200 hotels and motels, we educate and equip over 100 businesses like liquor stores and gas stations. 


We have partnerships with some amazing humans.

AMANDLA Coalition

CrimeStoppers of Michigan

Legacy Church - Novi, Michigan

Paradox Church - Warren, Michigan

Warren Woods Baptist Church - Warren, Michigan

To find out more about our other partnerships or creating a partnership with us, contact Amy at amy@freeoutreach.org 


We are not like other organizations. One outreach event with us, and your idea of what sexual exploitation really is and how it all works will be completely reshaped. We do not share shocking statistics that have no backing. In, fact most statistics that you hear about sex trafficking are not studied, nor are they proven or reliable. Why is that? Simply, it is trendy to be part of the “anti-trafficking movement”, and it is trendy to use shocking statistics about eleven-year-old kids and how “Our state is number two for trafficking” to shock people into volunteering and donating. The truth is, it is much different than social media and news outlets would have us believe. The overwhelming majority of sexually exploited individuals are adults. We focus on children so much because it is horrific, but we have to remember and run our organizations in ways that see it the same way for adults. Until we wipe our eyes and minds of the judgment that comes from seeing an adult person in the commercial sex industry, we will never be able to help those who are enslaved. Free Outreach is on the cutting edge of solutions in this area and in connecting potential victims in the community with resources on how they can get help and get out. 

At Free Outreach, we do our best to use what is called "People First" language. This means that we do not just throw out terms like "victim" and "survivor" without understanding first that that terminology to describe a human being is a form of negative labeling and a way to put people into a box. The use of the word "survivor", more specifically, has been used to exploit individuals who have been in the sex trade by organizations and government officials/agencies for them to be used for personal gain. We are not about this mainstream secondary exploitation. So, what do we call survivors at Free Outreach? We call them by their names, and if they want, they can be called Lived Experience Experts (thanks to Jaimee, founder of Sisters of the Streets in San Diego).

Please visit our Resources page for more information.