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Take action and give back through life-giving experiences for those exploited in the commercial sex industry.

Creating Freedom OpportuNities One outreach at a time

Our Mission

Free Outreach (formerly FRē Outreach) is a coalition of outreaches in Metro Detroit and beyond that educates businesses and the public, seeks out information relating to sex trafficking activity from local businesses, communicates with law enforcement and the appropriate non-profit organizations, and connects potential victims to resources for leaving the commercial sex industry. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the church, the community, law enforcement, and sex trafficking victims to broaden support and create greater opportunity for intervention. It is the mission of Free Outreach to fight against sex trafficking and reach out to those trapped in commercial sexual exploitation to increase opportunities for intervention and rehabilitation in the name of Jesus. 

Our History

Since before our inception in 2015, God created a passion in us for reaching out to those who are the most unloved and misunderstood. Realizing that there are not many high-risk, missing people who have someone looking for them and standing in the gap in the greater Detroit area, we started Free Outreach.  Seeing a need for women, men, girls, and boys lured into and trapped in the commercial sex industry to have greater opportunity to leave or find rescue, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions of intervention on the street and where these individuals show up on a daily basis. We are working hard to close the gap and let people in the commercial sex industry know that they are loved, worthy of freedom, and have purpose beyond being abused and used.

Our Logo

Our logo is the Amaryllis flower. One of the meanings is "worth beyond beauty". Your worth is not in how much or how little, how you are seen from the outside, or how men use you. Your worth comes from God. You are marvelous, worthy of love, and to be cherished.

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